Surah 65. Surah al Talaq

Surah 65. Surah al Talaq (Divorce)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. O Prophet! When you divorce women,
    Divorce them keeping in mind their measured terms,
    And keep track of their measured terms,
    And be conscious of your Rabb.
    Do not send them away from their homes,
    And let them not walk away,
    Except when they engage in manifest lewdness.
    And these are the limits of Allah;
    And one who exceeds the limits of Allah,
    Then verily, he oppresses his own soul.
    You do not know—
    Perhaps Allah will create
    A new synergy (between you) after that (estrangement).
  2. And when they reach their measured terms,
    Then live with them on the most noble terms,
    Or part with them on the best terms,
    And take the witness of two just (witnesses) among you,
    And establish witness before Allah.
    That is how you are admonished—
    (And) whoever has certainty of faith in Allah and the Last Day;
    And whoever is conscious of Allah,
    He provides a way out for him;
  3. And provides for him from sources he could not perceive;
    And whoever has trust in Allah, He is sufficient for him.
    Indeed, Allah does accomplish His commands;
    Of a certainty, Allah has made everything in due measure!
  4. And the women,
    Those among your wives who are not hopeful of their menses (in menopause),
    If you are doubtful,
    Then their period is three months,
    And (also) the women, who have not yet had their menses.
    As for those who are pregnant,
    Their period is until they deliver;
    And whoever is conscious of Allah,
    Allah will make it easy for him by His command.
  5. That is the command of Allah, which He has sent down to you.
    And whosoever is conscious of Allah,
    He (Allah) will cover up his wrong doings,
    And give him a great reward.
  6. Let them live wherever you live according to your means,
    And do not torment them to force them (to leave),
    And if they are pregnant,
    Then spend on them until they deliver;
    And if they nurse (your child) for you,
    Then give them their wages,
    And consult with each other in excellence,
    But if you quarrel,
    Then some other (woman) will nurse (the baby).
  7. Let a man of means spend according to his means.
    And one whose provisions are meager,
    Let him spend from what Allah has given him.
    Allah does not place an obligation on a soul
    Except in accordance with what He has bestowed on it;
    Soon will Allah provide after difficulty, ease.
  8. And many are the settlements (civilizations) that rebelled
    Against the commands of their Rabb and His Messengers.
    Then, We extracted from them a reckoning— a severe reckoning;
    And punished them—a horrific punishment.
  9. So they tasted the evil results of their deeds,
    And painful was the end of their deeds.
  10. Allah has prepared for them a severe punishment;
    Therefore, fear Allah, O you endowed with intellect—
    Those with certainty of faith!
    Verily, Allah has sent down on you a Reminder,
  11. A Messenger, reciting for you manifest Signs of Allah,
    So that He may take those with certainty of faith
    And (those who engage in) righteous deeds,
    From darkness upon darkness towards Light;
    And whoever believes with certainty in Allah,
    And engages in righteous deeds,
    He will admit him to Gardens
    Beneath which flow streams (of Divine grace),
    To dwell therein forever;
    Truly, Allah has destined for him a beautiful provision.
  12. Allah is He who created the seven heavens,
    And in the earth their likeness;
    His command descends between them
    So that they know
    That Allah does indeed have Power over all things,
    And that Allah does indeed encapsulate everything in (His) knowledge.