Surah 68. Suratul Qalam

Surah 68. Suratul Qalam

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Nu’n.
    By the Pen and what they write.
  2. You are not, by the Grace of your Rabb, mad.
  3. And indeed, of a certainty, there is for you an endless reward.
  4. And verily, you are of supreme character!
  5. So, you shall soon see, and they shall see,
  6. Which one of you is mad.
  7. Indeed, your Rabb is He
    Who knows who it is that has wandered off His path,
    And He knows the rightly guided.
  8. So, do not follow those who deny the Truth.
  9. They would love to see you compromise (with them),
    So that they may compromise (with you).
  10. And follow not every worthless swearer,
  11. Slanderer vagabond, carrying tales,
  12. Thwarting the good, extreme in evil deeds,
  13. Stone hearted, and besides that, unscrupulous,
  14. (Just) because he has wealth and children.
  15. When Our Signs are recited to him, he says:
    “(These are) tales of the ancients!”
  16. Soon We shall smite him on his nose.
  17. Indeed, We have tested you as We tested the companions of the Garden,
    When they swore that they would assuredly reap the fruits in the morning.
  18. But they did not make an allowance (for the will of Allah).
  19. So there descended on them what was to descend, from their Rabb,
    While they were asleep.
  20. And by the morning, it (the orchard) was like a sand dune.
  21. And they called each other by the morning:
  22. “Go to your fields early in the morning, if you are to reap the harvest.”
  23. So they went and they whispered to each other:
  24. “This day no poor person shall come upon you (while you are) in them.”
  25. And they marched forth early in the morning, (feeling) powerful in their stinginess.
  26. But then, when they saw it, they said:
    “We are indeed lost!
  27. Nay! We are destitute!”
  28. One of the right minded ones among them said:
    “Did I not tell you: ‘Why do you not glorify (Allah)?’”
  29. They said: “Glorified be our Rabb!
    We were indeed transgressors!”
  30. Then they turned to one another, blaming.
  31. They said: “Woe is to us!
    We were indeed rebellious!
  32. There is hope that our Rabb
    Will turn this into goodness for us;
    We do indeed turn to our Rabb.”
  33. That is how (Divine) punishment is!
    But the punishment of the hereafter is greater,
    If only they knew!
  34. Indeed, for those conscious of Allah,
    There are Gardens of bliss from their Rabb.
  35. Should We make those who surrender (to Allah)
    Like those who are culpable?
  36. What is it with you? How do you decide?
  37. Is there a Book with you that you read?
  38. Indeed, (is there) in it for you whatever you like?
  39. Or, do you have a contract with Us valid until the Judgment Day
    That you shall have whatever you decide?
  40. Ask them who would be the responsible one for that?
  41. Or their associates?
    Then, let them bring their associates, if they are truthful.
  42. The Day when the veil shall be lifted from the shin bone,
    And they shall be called to prostrate,
    They shall not be able (to prostrate).
  43. There shall be fear in their eyes,
    Dishonor hovering over them.
    And verily they were called to prostrate
    While they were still sound (healthy and well).
  44. So leave it to Me;
    And whoever gives the lie to this admonition,
    We shall soon drag him in such slow measures that he does not perceive it.
  45. And I give them respite;
    Verily, My plan is firm!
  46. Is it that you ask from them a recompense
    That they are burdened with debt?
  47. Or is there hidden knowledge with them that they document?
  48. So be patient with the Command of your Rabb,
    And do not be like the companion of the fish (Jonah),
    When he cried out, and he was filled with grief.
  49. Verily, if he was not supported by the Grace of his Rabb,
    He would be thrown onto the open shore,
    And he would be humiliated.
  50. But his Rabb chose him,
    And made him among the righteous.
  51. And verily, the disbelievers
    Nearly make you lose your focus with their stares
    When they hear the Reminder,
    And they say: “Assuredly, he is mad.”
  52. Lo! This is but a Reminder for all the worlds.