Surah 69. Surah Al Haqqah

Surah 69. Surah al Haqqah

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. The Event of Certainty.
  2. What is the Event of Certainty?
  3. And what will make you comprehend what the Event of Certainty is?
  4. The people of Thamud and A’ad gave the lie to the Momentous Event.
  5. As for the Thamud, they were destroyed by the mighty blast;
  6. And, as for the A’ad, they were destroyed by an extraordinary windstorm.
  7. He held it (the windstorm) captive, continuously over them, seven nights and eight days; then you would see the people lying around (dead and scattered) as if they were hollow trunks of palm trees.
  8. So, do you see any trace of them?
  9. And there came the Pharaoh, and before him the people of the destroyed cities (the people of Lot) with their wickedness.
  10. And they disobeyed their Messenger,
    So He seized them with a mighty grip.
  11. Verily, when the waters rose with awesome fury,
    We carried you in the Ark.
  12. So that We make it a remembrance for you,
    And those who hear (with their heart), keep its memory.
  13. Then, when the trumpet is blown—a single blast;
  14. And the earth and the mountains are lifted up, and crushed—a single crushing;
  15. Then that day, what is to happen shall happen.
  16. And the sky shall break asunder, for it shall be very weak that Day.
  17. And the angels shall be on its sides,
    And on that Day, eight shall hold up above them the throne of your Rabb.
  18. That Day, you shall be presented (for Judgment)—
    Nothing, but nothing, shall be hidden from you.
  19. Then, one who is given his book (of deeds) in his right hand will say:
    “Take and read my book (book of my deeds);
  20. I was indeed certain that I would face my Reckoning.”
  21. So, he will be in a state of acceptance (by Allah),
  22. In the Garden raised up,
  23. Whose fruits are easy to reach.
  24. (It will be said to them):
    “Eat and drink for what you sent forth in days past.”
  25. And as for one who is given his book of (deeds) in his left hand—
    He will surely say: Woe is me!
    (I wish) my book (of deeds) was not given to me,
  26. And I did not know what my account was.
  27. I wish it (death) was the end of it!
  28. Of no benefit to me was my wealth.
  29. Gone from me is my authority.
  30. (It will be said):
    “Seize him! And shackle him!
  31. Then throw him into Hellfire!
  32. Then chain him with a chain whose length is seventy measures.”
  33. Indeed, he did not believe in Allah, the supreme,
  34. And he did not urge the feeding of the mendicants.
  35. Therefore, no friend does he have here this Day,
  36. And no food except from a putrid fluid;
  37. None shall eat it except the culpable.
  38. And I swear by what you perceive —
  39. And what you do not perceive—
  40. Indeed it is a Scripture from a Messenger, honored;
  41. And it is not the recitation of a poet—
    Little is it that you believe!
  42. And (it is) not from the sayings of a soothsayer—
    Little is it that you remember!
  43. (It is a Revelation) sent down in measures from the Rabb of all the worlds.
  44. And if he (the Messenger) had ascribed (made up) any words to Us,
  45. We would seize him by his right hand,
  46. Then, we would certainly cut off the arteries (to his heart),
  47. And there is none among you who could stop it,
  48. And indeed, it is verily a Remembrance for those who are conscious of their Rabb,
  49. And indeed, We assuredly know that among you are those who give the lie (to Revelation),
  50. And indeed, it is truly a matter of regret for the disbelievers,
  51. And indeed, it is, of a certainty, the Truth.
  52. Therefore, glorify the Name of your Rabb,
    The Most High!