Surah 72. Suratul Jinn

Surah 72. Suratul Jinn

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Say: “Revelation has been sent to me
    That a group of jinns listened to this (Qur’an),
    And they said: ‘Verily, we listened to a magnificent Qur’an!
  2. It guides to what is right,
    So we have believed in it,
    And never shall we associate a partner with our Rabb.
  3. And (we believe that) our Rabb is Exalted, Glorious—
    He has not taken any spouse or children;
  4. And that the fools among us used to say disgraceful things about Allah;
  5. And that we had assumed the humans and jinns would not lie about Allah;
  6. And that some among humans used to seek protection from members of jinns,
    And it increased the haughtiness (of the jinns);
  7. And that they (the jinns) supposed, as you supposed, that Allah does not send any (Messengers);
  8. And that we searched the heavens, we found it filled with severe obstructions and dynamic energy;
  9. And that we used to sit at its doorsteps to eavesdrop,
    But whoever listens now finds therein directed energy (pointed at him);
  10. And that we do not know whether any (jinn or human) on earth has been willed misfortune,
    Or whether their Rabb has willed for them guidance;
  11. And that among us are the righteous,
    And among us are others who are otherwise—we are on different paths;
  12. And that we surmise we cannot flee from Allah (Allah’s punishment) on earth, and we cannot flee from Him by running away;
  13. And that when we heard the Guidance (the Qur’an), we believed in it;
    So, whoever believed in his Rabb, he will not be fearful of loss or oppression;
  14. And that among us some who surrender (to Allah) and some who are not upright;
    And whoever has surrendered, then he has resolved to be upright;
  15. And as for those who are not upright, they are firewood for Hell.”
  16. And if they had stayed steadfast on the (right) path would surely have quenched their thirst with plentiful water,
  17. So that We test them thereby; and whoever shies away from remembering his Rabb,
    He will face escalating torment.
  18. And the mosques are for prostration before Allah;
    Therefore, worship not anyone besides Allah.
  19. And the servant of Allah, as he stood up to offer his prayers to Him,
    They (the disbelievers) almost crowded him out (to distract him).
  20. Say: “I do not call on anyone but my Rabb,
    And I associate none with Him.”
  21. Say: “Verily, I have no authority to cause you any harm or (compel you towards) guidance.”
  22. Say: “Verily, none can protect me from Allah,
    And I will not find any refuge except Him.
  23. (My mandate is) but to convey (the Revelation) from Allah
    And (pass on) His Messages;
    Then, whosoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger,
    For such a one, verily there is Hellfire,
    To dwell therein forever.”
  24. Until, as they see what they were promised—
    And soon they shall know—
    Whose helper is weaker and (whose is) lesser by count.
  25. Say: “I do not know whether what is promised to you is near,
    Or my Rabb has prescribed for it a certain (distant) term.
  26. Knower of what is beyond perception—
    And He does not reveal to anyone what is beyond perception,
  27. Except among the Messengers He is pleased with.
    In that case, He orders guardians in between what is ahead of him and what is behind him.
    (He guards over what happens to him in real time-here and now)
  28. So that He knows if indeed they conveyed the Messages of their Rabb,
    And He has encompassed what is with them (guarded the message that is with them),
    And He has reckoned everything by count!