Surah 73. Surah al Muzzammil

Surah 73. Surah al Muzzammil (The One Wrapped Up)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. O you wrapped up in your (spiritual) mantle!
  2. Stand (in prayer) by night, except a little—
  3. Half of it or reduce some from it,
  4. Or add to it,
    And recite the Qur’an,
    With (spiritual) harmony—
  5. Verily, we will soon place upon you a momentous Word!
  6. Indeed, standing up (for prayer) at night,
    Is utmost in disciplining (the ego),
    And (assisting in) the correct recitation of the Word (the Qur’an).
  7. Verily, there are arduous engagements for you by the day.
  8. So, remember the name of your Rabb,
    And disengage yourself (from the world)
    (And move) towards Him, discarding (all distractions)—
  9. The Rabb of the east and the west,
    There is none worthy of worship but Him,
    So hold onto Him as your Trustee.
  10. And be patient with what they say,
    And walk away from them—a graceful exit.
  11. And leave Me with the affluent disbelievers,
    And give them some respite (to mend their ways).
  12. Indeed, of a certainty, with Us are strong shackles and a raging Fire,
  13. And food that chokes, and a punishment, painful.
  14. The Day when the earth shall shake, as also the mountains;
    And the mountains shall pulverize into mounds of shifting sand.
  15. Indeed, We have sent you (O people) a Messenger,
    As a witness over you,
    As We sent a Messenger to the Pharaoh.
  16. Then, the Pharaoh rejected the Messenger,
    So We seized him—a painful seizing!
  17. How will you then escape, if you disbelieve in
    The Day that will make children gray haired?
  18. (The Day when) the sky shall be rent asunder—
    His promise shall come to pass.
  19. Indeed, this is an admonition;
    So, let whoever seeks the path of Allah take heed.
  20. Verily, your Rabb knows
    That you stand (for prayer)
    Two thirds of the night,
    Or half of it,
    Or a third,
    Together with a party that is with you,
    And Allah has constituted the night and the day in measures.
    He knew that you would be unable to bear it,
    So He turned to you (with compassion);
    So, you recite from the Qur’an what is easy (for you).
    He knows that some of you will be sick,
    And others will have gone forth in the land,
    Looking for the bounties of Allah,
    And some others will be fighting in the path of Allah.
    So, you recite from it what is easy (for you),
    And establish prayer and give the poor due,
    And give a beautiful loan to Allah;
    And whatever good you send ahead of you for your own souls,
    You will find goodness (from it) with Allah,
    And a greater reward;
    And ask forgiveness from Allah,
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful!