Surah 75. Surah al Qiyamah

Surah 75. Surah al Qiyamah (The Judgment Day)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. I call to witness the Day of Resurrection!
  2. And I call to witness the self-reproaching Ego!
  3. Does man reckon that We shall never gather together his bones?
  4. Yes, indeed! We have the power to restore his very finger tips!
  5. But man desires that he continue his wrongdoings into the future.
  6. He asks: “When is the Day of Resurrection?”
  7. So, when the inner eye is dazzled,
  8. And the moon is covered up,
  9. And the sun and the moon are collapsed together,
  10. The human will say that Day: “Where can I escape?”
  11. No! There is no escape.
  12. That Day, the journey shall be towards your Rabb.
  13. Mankind shall be informed that Day
    Of what it sent ahead of it and what it left behind.
  14. No! The human shall be a witness over his own Self,
  15. Even if it offers excuses.
  16. Do not move your tongue
    To make haste with it (the Qur’an).
  17. Indeed, it is up to Us to assemble it
    And to have it recited.
  18. So, when We have it recited,
    Then, you follow the recital.
  19. Again, it is up to Us, indeed, to explain it.
  20. No! But you love this fleeting life,
  21. And you neglect the hereafter.
  22. That Day shall many a face be illuminated,
  23. Looking up towards their Rabb,
  24. And many a face shall grimace,
  25. They will surmise that a bone-crushing event will befall them.
  26. No! When the soul shall reach up to the throat,
  27. And it will be said: “Is there anyone who can cure and save him?”
  28. And he will think it is indeed about to separate (from his body),
  29. When calamity is mounted upon calamity,
  30. Towards your Rabb shall you be driven that Day.
  31. He neither accepted the Truth nor prayed,
  32. But he denied it and turned away,
  33. Then walked back to his folks, haughty.
  34. How sad for you! And how sad!
  35. Again, how sad for you! And how sad!
  36. Does the human reckon that he will be left alone?
  37. Was he not a drop of semen, split?
  38. Then it was an embryo,
    Then He created, and shaped it in due proportion,
  39. Then He made from it mates, male and female.
  40. Is not (He who has) that (Power) Able to give life to the dead?