Surah 77. Suratul Mursalat

Surah 77. Surah al Mursalat (Messages Sent Forth)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. By the winds, as they blow gently, one after the other,
  2. By the winds, as they become violent;
  3. By the winds, as they carry the clouds;
  4. By the winds, as they break them up,
  5. By the Angels, as they bring the Word—
  6. To complete the evidence or to warn.
  7. Indeed, what is promised to you shall transpire.
  8. So, when the stars are blanked out,
  9. And when the sky is rent asunder,
  10. And the mountains are scattered,
  11. And when the Messengers are assembled at the appointed Time,
  12. For what Day is it set?
  13. (It is set for) The Judgment Day.
  14. And what will make you understand what the Judgment Day is?
  15. Woe that Day to those who deny!
  16. Did We not destroy the ancient (civilizations)?
  17. So shall We make the later ones follow them,
  18. That is how We deal with the culpable,
  19. Woe that Day to those who deny!
  20. Did We not create you from a despised fluid?
  21. Then did We place it in a secure location (the womb),
  22. For a period determined,
  23. And We determined—And how bountiful are We in Our reckoning!
  24. Woe that Day to those who deny!
  25. Have We not made the earth a vessel,
  26. For the living and the dead?
  27. And erected therein tall mountains,
    And quenched your thirst with sweet water?
  28. Woe that Day to those who deny!
  29. Move on (it will be the Command that Day).
    Towards Him Whom you used to deny;
  30. Move on, towards a dark shadow that has three branches—
  31. Not a deep shadow, and of no use against the Fire.
  32. Indeed, it will shoot forth flames (rising high) like fortresses,
  33. As if they were yellow camels;
  34. Woe that Day to those who deny!
  35. That Day they shall not speak,
  36. Nor shall they be permitted to offer excuses;
  37. Woe that Day to those who deny!
  38. This is the Judgment Day;
    We have assembled you together as well as the people of earlier times;
  39. And if you have a plan, then try the plan on Me!
  40. Woe that Day to those who deny!
  41. Indeed, those who are conscious of Allah
    Shall be in shades (of comfort) and springs (of Divine grace),
  42. And fruits therein (from Divine grace),
    Of whatever they desire.
  43. Eat and drink at your pleasure,
    For what you used to do.
  44. Verily! Such is the reward for those who do good!
  45. Woe that Day to those who deny!
  46. Eat and indulge a little (in this world),
    Verily, (O you) culpable ones!
  47. Woe that Day to those who deny!
  48. And when it is said to them to bow down (before Allah),
    They bow not.
  49. Woe that Day to those who deny!
  50. Then, in what words will they believe after this (Word)?

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