Surah 78. Surah al Naba’

Surah 78. Surah al Naba’ (The News)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. What do they ask each other about?
  2. (Do they ask) about the news of the Great Event?
  3. About which they disagree?
  4. No! Soon shall they know!
  5. Again, soon shall they know!
  6. Did We not make the earth a place to rest?
  7. And the mountains to give it stability?
  8. And made for you spouses?
  9. And We provided you sleep for recuperation,
  10. And We made the night, cloaked (in mystery),
  11. And made the day for livelihood,
  12. And made the seven heavens above you, established firmly,
  13. And made the Lamp, shining brilliantly,
  14. And We sent down streams of water,
    From clouds bearing rain,
  15. So that We bring forth from it grain and greenery,
  16. And gardens profuse.
  17. Indeed, the Judgment Day is at the Appointed Time,
  18. The Day when the trumpet is blown,
    And you shall return in droves,
  19. And when the heavens are opened up,
    Then become open gateways,
  20. And the mountains vanish,
    And become a mirage.
  21. Indeed, Hell is a trap,
  22. A destination for the rebellious.
  23. They shall stay therein for a long time;
  24. They shall not taste therein (the comfort of) coolness,
    Nor (the taste of) drink,
  25. Except a boiling, putrid fluid—
  26. A befitting recompense.
  27. Verily, they did not count on the reckoning,
  28. And they denied Our Signs, denying.
  29. And everything have We reckoned, documented.
  30. So taste (the punishment)!
    We shall not but increase your punishment.
  31. Verily, for those who are conscious of Allah,
    There is triumph;
  32. Gardens and vineyards;
  33. And pleasing companions of like age,
  34. And cups brimming (with Divine love),
  35. No vain talk nor a lie shall they hear,
  36. A recompense from your Rabb, granted in due measure—
  37. The Rabb of the heavens and the earth and what is between them,
    No power do they have to speak before Him,
  38. The Day when the Spirit and the Angels stand in ranks,
    None shall speak except as the Most Compassionate permits,
    And he (the one who is permitted) shall speak the truth.
  39. That is the Day of Truth!
    So, let whoever so desires take refuge with his Rabb.
  40. Indeed, We have warned you of a punishment near,
    The Day when everyone shall see what he has sent forth by his own hands,
    And the disbeliever will say:
    Woe is to me! I wish I was dust!”