Surah 80. Surah A’basa

Surah 80. Surah A’basa (He Frowned)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. He (the Prophet)  frowned and turned away,
  2. When the blind man approached him.
  3. And how would you know, he may attain purification?
  4. Or if he was reminded, he would benefit from the reminder.
  5. But whoever considers himself beyond need (of guidance),
  6. You pay attention to him-
  7. Even though you are not (to blame) if he does not purify himself.
  8. And one who approached you with great effort,
  9. And is fearful (of the Day),
  10. You neglect him.
  11. No! This ( Qur’an) is indeed a Reminder,
  12. Then, let whoever so desires, be reminded,
  13. In Scriptures, honored,
  14. Exalted, purified,
  15. In the hands of Messengers,
  16. Blessed, free of blemish.
  17. Perish humankind! How ungrateful it is!
  18. From what substance was he (the human) created?
  19. From a drop of seminal fluid (We) create him,
    Then  molded him in due measure;
  20. Then made the path easy for him;
  21. Then took his life and had him placed in a grave;
  22. Then, as He wills, he is resurrected.
  23. No! He has not yet fulfilled what he was commanded to do.
  24. So, let the human look at his food;
  25. We did indeed pour the water, pouring,
  26. Then split the earth, splitting,
  27. Then we grew therein grain,
  28. And grapevines and vegetables,
  29. And olives and date palms,
  30. And gardens, profuse,
  31. And fruits and vegetation,
  32. Of benefit to you and your livestock.
  33. So when there comes the deafening sound;
  34. The Day man will flee from his own brother,
  35. And from his mother and his father,
  36. And his spouse and his children,
  37. Sufficient that Day will be his own affairs,
    For every person among them.
  38. That Day, many a face will be reflecting light,
  39. Laughing, celebrating.
  40. And many a face covered with dust–
  41. Covered with darkness;
  42. Such are the ones who are the disbelieving, the wicked.