Surah 81. Surah al Takwir

Surah 81. Surah alt Takwir (The Folded Up)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. When the sun is folded up;
  2. And the stars disappear;
  3. And the mountains are scattered.
  4. And when the she-camels, about to give birth, are neglected.
  5. And when the wild beasts are gathered together,
  6. And when the oceans boil over and become turgid,
  7. And when the Nafs (the souls) are coupled (with their deeds).
  8. And when the female infant is asked:
  9. For what sin was she killed?
  10. And when the scrolls are opened up,
  11. And when the heavens are uncovered,
  12. And when Hellfire is set ablaze,
  13. And when the Garden is brought near,
  14. Every soul shall know what it has brought.
  15. So I call to witness the stars that disappear,
  16. Orbiting (on course), away from sight,
  17. And the night as it overtakes,
  18. And the dawn as it gently wakes up.
  19. Indeed, this is a Scripture from a Messenger honored,
  20. With power from the Lord of the Highest Throne,
  21. Worthy of listening, and worthy of trust.
  22. Lo! Your companion is not mad;
  23. And indeed, he saw him (the Angel) clearly at the farthest horizon,
  24. And he does not hold back the unseen
    (knowledge beyond human perception that is revealed to him),
  25. And this is not the Word of Satan, the accursed,
  26. So, whither do you wander off?
  27. This is not but a Reminder for all the worlds,
  28. So that whoever among you so wills, may follow the Straight Path;
  29. And you shall not conceive of anything except as Allah wills-
    The Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher of all the worlds.