Surah 82. Surah al Infitar

Surah 82. Surah al Infitar (The Renting Asunder)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. When the heavens are rent asunder;
  2. And when the stars are scattered;
  3. And when the oceans overflow;
  4. And when the graves are overturned;
  5. Every soul shall know what it sent forth ahead and what it left behind.
  6. O humankind! What has deceived you from your bountiful Rabb?
  7. Who created you, then molded you in due proportions,
    And bestowed on you a noble nature;
  8. With whatever face He willed, He paired you off,
  9. No! You deny the Judgment!
  10. And indeed! Upon you are appointed sentinels (angel guards),
  11. Honored scribes,
  12. They know what you do.
  13. Indeed, the righteous shall be in Gardens;
  14. And indeed the culpable shall be in Hellfire–
  15. They shall be thrown therein on the Judgment Day,
  16. And they shall never be absent from it,
  17. And what will explain to you what the Judgment Day is?
  18. Again, what will explain to you what the Judgment Day is?
  19. The Day when no soul shall in the least be responsible for another soul,
    And that Day, the Command shall be with Allah!