Surah 83. Surah al Mutaffifeen

Surah 83. Surah al Mutaffifeen (Those Dealing with Fraud)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Woe to the defrauders,
  2. Who, when they take, demand a full measure from people,
  3. But when they give, by measure or by weight, reduce the measure.
  4. Do such people not reckon that they will, of a certainty, be resurrected
  5. On a Momentous Day?
  6. The Day when humankind shall stand before the Rabb of all the worlds.
  7. Nay! The record of the evil ones is in Sijjin.
  8. And what will explain to you what Sijjin is?
  9. A book, preserved!
  10. Woe that Day to those who deny–
  11. Those who deny the Day of Judgment.
  12. And none deny it except every transgressing evil doer.
  13. When Our Signs are recited to him, he says: “Tales of the ancients!”
  14. No! But what they have earned has stained their hearts.
  15. Nay! That Day, they shall indeed be barred from (the Grace of) their Rabb;
  16. Then they shall, of a certainty, enter Hellfire;
  17. Then they shall be told: “This is what you used to deny”.
  18. Nay! The record of the righteous is indeed in Illiyeen.
  19. And what will explain to you what Illiyun is?
  20. A book, preserved!
  21. Witnessed by those who are close (to Allah),
  22. Indeed, the righteous shall be in bliss,
  23. Upon thrones, looking (at Divine bounties);
  24. You will find their existence bright with Divine Grace,
  25. They will be served an exclusive drink, sealed–
  26. Sealed by musk–
    And let those who strive to reach for it, reach for it;
  27. Whose effect will be exalting–
  28. A spring from which those who are close (to Divine presence) drink.
  29. Indeed, the culpable used to laugh at those who had certainty of faith.
  30. And when they passed them by, they would wink,
  31. And when they returned to their kin, they would return scoffing;
  32. And when they saw them they would say: “Indeed, these are the misled!”
  33. But they were not sent as guards over them.
  34. So, this day those with certainty of faith, laugh at the disbelievers,
  35. (Seated) upon thrones, observing:
  36. Are not the disbelievers paid back for what they used to do?