Surah 89. Surah al Fajr

Surah 89. Surah al Fajr (The Day Break)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. By the dawn,
  2. By the nights, ten,
  3. By the odd and the even,
  4. By the night as it fades away,
  5. Is there in that an adjuration for one endowed with reason?
  6. Did you not see how your Rabb dealt with the people of A’ad?
  7. (And the city of) Iram, with its lofty structures,
  8. The likes of which have not been created in (other) cities?
  9. And the Thamud, who carved out rocks in the valley;
  10. And the Pharaoh, master of stakes-
  11. The one who oppressed the (people in the) land,
  12. And fostered much corruption in it?
  13. Therefore, your Rabb lashed out at him with (severe) punishment;
  14. Indeed, your Rabb is on the lookout!
  15. So when the human is tested with honor and bounties,
    He says: “My Rabb has honored me!”
  16. But when We test him with measured sustenance,
    He says: “My Rabb has dishonored me!”
  17. No! But you do not honor the orphan,
  18. And you are not disposed to feeding the indigent,
  19. And you eat up inheritance (of others), eating it all,
  20. And you love wealth, with excessive love.
  21. No! When the earth is pulverized, atom by atom,
  22. And your Rabb appears, and the Angels, row after row,
  23. And that Day Hell is brought forward,
    Then, that Day shall humankind remember,
    But of what benefit will his remembrance be?
  24. He will say: “Woe is  me!
    (I wish) I had sent (good deeds) ahead of me for my afterlife!”
  25. For that Day none shall punish as He punishes,
  26. And none shall restrain as He restrains.
  27. (It will be said to souls at peace):
    O soul at peace!
  28. Return to your Rabb, pleased,
    And He pleased with you!
  29. And join up with My servants,
  30. And enter My Garden!