Surah 9. Surah al Tawba

Surah 9. Surah al Tawba (Repentance)

  1. (Here is a proclamation of) Repudiation
    From Allah and His Messenger
    To those of the pagans
    With whom you had made a treaty
    (And who violated the treaty).
  2. So, travel through the land (without hindrance)
    For four months,
    And know that you cannot frustrate (the plan of) Allah;
    And that it is Allah who will discredit the disbelievers.
  3. And (here is) a declaration
    From Allah and His Messenger
    On the Day of Hajj al Akbar (the Greater Hajj):
    That Allah is free of obligations
    To the pagans;
    And so is His Messenger.
    So, if you repent,
    It is better for you.
    But if you turn away,
    Then know that you cannot frustrate (the plan of) Allah.
    And inform those who reject the Truth
    Of a painful doom.
  4. Except (that this proclamation does not apply to)
    Those of the pagans, who have a treaty with you,
    And did not violate it in any way,
    Or assisted anyone against you,
    So, complete the terms of your treaty with them
    Until it expires.
    Indeed, Allah loves those
    Who are conscious of Him (and honor their treaties).
  5. But when the forbidden months have passed,
    Fight the pagans (who violated the treaties) wherever you find them,
    And capture them and surround them,
    And waylay them at every turn.
    But if they repent,
    And establish prayer and pay the poor due,
    Then leave them to their ways.
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Disposer of Mercy!
  6. And if anyone among the pagans,
    Seeks refuge with you,
    Then, grant him refuge
    So that he hears the Words of Allah.
    Then, escort him safely to his place of refuge;
    That because they are a people
    Who had not been informed (of the Truth).
  7. How can a treaty with the pagans
    Be trusted by Allah and His Messenger,
    Except with those
    Who entered into a treaty with you
    At the Masjid al Haram?
    Therefore, as long as they stand by (their treaties) with you,
    You stand by (your treaties) with them.
    Indeed, Allah loves those
    Who are conscious of Him (and honor their treaties).
  8. How (can it be otherwise)?
    Should they prevail over you,
    They will honor neither kinship nor treaty.
    They make an agreement with you by word of mouth,
    But their hearts do not feel remorse;
    (Their intentions do not change)
    And most of them are among those
    Who break their covenants.
  9. They have sold the Signs of Allah
    For a paltry sum,
    And they prevented (people)
    From His path.
    What they were doing was indeed evil.
  10. They will neither honor the kinship
    Of a believer, nor their own covenants,
    And it is they who violate the limits of justice.
  11. But if they repent,
    And establish prayer,
    And pay the poor due,
    They are your brothers in deen.
    Lo! We describe our Signs in detail
    For a people who have knowledge!
  12. And if they break their covenants
    After they have taken an oath,
    And they mock your deen,
    Then fight the leaders of disbelief.
    Indeed, their oaths are meaningless,
    (Perchance) they may desist.
  13. Will you not fight a people
    Who have broken their covenants,
    And planned to expel the Messenger,
    And attacked you first?
    Do you fear them?
    Then, (know that) Allah
    Has a greater right to be feared,
    If you have  certainty of faith.
  14. Fight them
    So that Allah may discipline them
    Through your hands,
    And humble them,
    And help you prevail over them,
    And heal the hearts of a people
    Who have  certainty of faith.
  15. And cleanse the anger from their hearts.
    Indeed, Allah forgives whom He pleases,
    And Allah is the Knower, the Wise.
  16. Do you reckon that you will be left alone
    When Allah has not yet determined
    Who among you struggle,
    Taking none but Allah
    And the Messenger and the believers
    As their helpers?
    Lo! Allah is aware
    Of what you do!
  17. Not disposed are the pagans
    Towards establishing places of worship for Allah,
    Fixated as they are on the darkness
    In their own souls.
    Their deeds are in vain,
    And they shall dwell in the Fire forever.
  18. Indeed, only they establish places of worship for Allah,
    Who believe in Allah
    And the Last Day,
    And establish prayer,
    And give the poor due,
    And fear none but Allah,
    For such as these, there is hope
    That they will be among those
    Who are guided.
  19. Have you made the giving of water to pilgrims,
    And the upkeep of Masjid al Haram,
    The equal of believing in Allah
    And the Last Day,
    And engaging in a vigorous struggle
    In the path of Allah?
    Not equal are these in the sight of Allah.
    Lo! Allah does not guide a people
    Who are oppressors!
  20. Those who have  certainty of faith,
    And migrate,
    And struggle in the path of Allah,
    With their wealth
    And their souls,
    They have a rank
    High in the sight of Allah,
    And it is they
    Who attain felicity.
  21. Their Rabb gives them the glad tidings
    Of His grace and His acceptance,
    And Gardens for them
    With enduring bounties.
  22. They will dwell therein forever;
    Indeed, closeness to Allah
    Is the greatest of rewards!
  23. O you who have  certainty of faith!
    Do not take your fathers and your brothers
    As your protectors,
    If they cherish unbelief over belief.
    And those among you
    Who take them (as protectors)
    It is they who oppress themselves.
  24. Say: “If your fathers,
    And your sons,
    And your spouses,
    And your tribes,
    And the wealth you have earned,
    And the trade from which you are afraid of a loss,
    And the dwellings you love,
    Are more dear to you than Allah and His Messenger,
    And striving in His path,
    Then wait until there descends the Command of Allah.
    Indeed! Allah does not show the way
    To a people who break their covenants.
  25. Behold! There came help to you from Allah
    On many a field of battle,
    And on the day of Hunain.
    When you exulted in your numbers,
    Then, nothing benefited you,
    And the earth shrank for you
    In spite of its vast space,
    And you turned on your heels.
  26. Then did Allah send down
    Tranquility upon His Messenger
    And upon the believers,
    And sent down armies
    That you did not see,
    And punished those who disbelieved –
    And that was the recompense
    For the disbelievers.
  27. Even after this, Allah will accept
    The repentance of whom He will.
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful!
  28. O you who have  certainty of faith!
    Indeed, the pagans are not clean (in their hearts),
    Therefore, let them not approach
    The Masjid al Haram after this year.
    If you fear poverty (because of this),
    Then soon will Allah make you self-sufficient
    From His grace as He wills.
    Indeed, Allah is the Knower, the Wise!
  29. Struggle against those who do not believe in Allah,
    And in the Last Day,
    And do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden,
    And those from among the people of the Book
    Who do not embrace the path of Justice  (Truth),
    Until they humbly pay
    The tribute with their own hands.
  30. And the Jews say:
    “Uzair is the son of Allah”,
    And the Christians say:
    “The Messiah is the son of Allah”.
    That is what they say in their statements –
    They repeat what the unbelievers
    Used to say in former times.
    May Allah expunge them,
    How delirious are they!
  31. They have taken
    Their scholars and their monks
    As their Rabb in place of Allah,
    And also Jesus, son of Mary,
    While they are commanded
    To worship none other than
    The one Rabb,
    There is no god but He!
    Exalted is He
    Transcending what they associate with Him!
  32. They seek to extinguish
    The Light of Allah with their words
    And (to extinguish the Name of) Allah.
    No! Allah will complete
    The manifestation of His Light.
    However much the disbelievers detest it!
  33. It is He who has sent His Messenger
    With guidance and the deen (moral code) of Truth (Justice),
    To distinguish it from  all other deens (moral codes),
    However much the pagans detest it!
  34. you who have certainty of faith!
    There are indeed many scholars and priests
    Who eat up the wealth of people unjustly,
    And they prevent (people) from the path of Allah.
    And to those who hoard gold and silver,
    And do not spend it in the path of Allah.
    Give them the news
    Of a punishment most painful.
  35. The Day when the Fire of Hell
    Shall be fired up,
    And with it will be marked
    Their foreheads and their arms and their backs:
    “This is what you hoarded for your own souls,
    So taste ye the taste of what you hoarded.”
  36. Indeed, the number of months before Allah is twelve,
    Since the moment Allah created the heavens and the earth,
    Of these there are four months of honor –
    That is the decree established.
    Therefore, do not commit oppression
    Upon your own souls during them.
    And fight the pagans all together,
    As they fight you all together,
    And know that Allah is with those,
    Who are conscious of Him.
  37. Indeed, to move the months forwards or backwards
    Increases disbelief;
    This is how the disbelievers are misled:
    They make it permissible one year,
    And they forbid it another year,
    So that they can manipulate the number (of months)
    That Allah has sanctified,
    And permit what Allah has forbidden.
    Their evil deeds seem fair to them.
    Lo! Allah does not guide a people
    Who conceal the Truth!
  38. O you who have certainty of faith!
    When you are asked to march forth in the way of Allah,
    You stand (as if you are) fixed to the earth.
    Do you love the life of this world
    More than the hereafter?
    Then, (know that) the riches of this world
    Are insignificant as compared to the hereafter.
  39. If you do not march forth,
    You will be punished with a painful punishment,
    And He will replace you with another people,
    And you shall in no way harm Him,
    Lo! Allah is the (owner of) power over all things!
  40. If you do not help him (the Messenger),
    Then (know that) Allah will indeed help him,
    (As He helped him) when the disbelievers expelled him.
    There was another (with them)
    When the two of them were in the cave,
    (And) when he said to his companion,
    “Do not despair! Verily, Allah is with us.”
    Then Allah sent down tranquility upon him,
    And helped him with powers you did not see,
    And frustrated the boasts of the disbelievers.
    Lo! The Word of Allah is exalted.
    Indeed, Allah is the Mighty, the Wise!
  41. March forth light or heavy,
    And struggle with your wealth and your selves,
    In the path of Allah,
    That is better for you,
    If you only knew.
  42. If the booty was near,
    And the journey easy,
    They (the hypocrites) would have followed you,
    But the path appeared distant,
    So they swear by Allah:
    “If we could, we would go forth with you”.
    They destroy their own souls,
    And Allah knows
    They are liars.
  43. May Allah forgive you!
    Why did you excuse them (from the struggle)
    Until it was clear to you
    Who the sincere ones were,
    And you had identified the liars?
  44. Those who believe in Allah and the Last Day
    Will not ask you for an excuse
    From a struggle with their wealth and their selves,
    Lo! Allah knows those who are conscious of Him!
  45. Only such will ask you for an excuse
    Who have no certainty of faith in Allah
    And the Last Day,
    And their hearts are filled with doubts,
    So they drift around in their doubts.
  46. And if they had the will to march forth
    They would have prepared some wherewithal.
    But Allah disliked their standing up (for the fight),
    So He stopped them and it was said to them:
    “Stay behind with those who stay behind.”
  47. If they had marched forth with you,
    There would be nothing but trouble.
    They would run around among you,
    (And) they would incite discord among you,
    And among you are some who would listen to them.
    Lo! Allah is well aware of the transgressors!
  48. Behold! They incited discord earlier,
    And fostered turbulence in your affairs,
    Until there came the Truth (and Justice),
    And the command of Allah was made clear,
    And they detested it.
  49. And there are some among them who say,
    “Permit me (to stay behind) and do not tempt me (with the hereafter)”.
    Hearken! They have fallen into the temptation (of this world).
    Verily, Hell does indeed
    Envelop the disbelievers!
  50. When something good befalls you,
    They dislike it,
    And when a difficulty befalls you,
    They say, “Indeed, we were careful
    To manage our affairs (take precautions) in advance”,
    And they turn around and celebrate.
  51. Say: “Nothing reaches us
    Except what Allah has ordained for us.
    He it is Who is our protector”.
    And in Allah, therefore, do they place their trust,
    Who have certainty of faith.
  52. Say: “Do you wait (to see)
    Which one of two good things will happen to us?
    While we wait (to see)
    Whether a punishment from Allah will befall you
    (Directly) from Him or at our hands?”
    Wait then! We will wait with you.
  53. Say: “Whether you spend willingly or unwillingly,
    It is not accepted from you,
    (Because) you are indeed a people
    Who transgress.”
  54. Nothing prevents the acceptance of what they spend
    Except (the fact) that they deny Allah and His Messenger,
    And they do not offer prayers except under protest,
    And they do not spend (in charity)
    Except that they detest it.
  55. So, do not be awed by their wealth
    And their children.
    Verily, Allah desires not except
    To punish them with it
    In the life of this world.
    And take their souls,
    While they are without faith.
  56. They will swear by Allah
    That they are with you,
    But they are not with you,
    And they are but a people in fear.
  57. Should they find a place of refuge,
    Or caves or hiding places,
    They will turn towards them
  58. And some among them accuse you
    In (matters of distributing) charity.
    If you give them some from it,
    They are happy,
    But if you do not give them some from it,
    They are upset.
  59. How pleasant would it be
    If they were happy with
    What Allah and His Messenger have given them,
    And if they had said:
    “Sufficient is Allah for us,
    Soon will Allah grant us
    From His bounty,
    And so will His Messenger;
    Indeed! We are among those
    Who turn towards Allah!”
  60. Verily, charity is only for
    The mendicants,
    And the destitute,
    And its administrators,
    And to foster love in the hearts (of people),
    And to free the slaves,
    And (to pay off the debts of) the debtors,
    And (spending) in the path of Allah,
    And for the wayfarer.
    These are decreed from Allah.
    Lo! Allah is the Knower, the Wise!
  61. And among them are some
    Who slander the Prophet,
    And they say: “He is all ears (listens to everything).”
    Say: “He is a hearer of your well being,
    Believing in Allah,
    And believing in the believers,
    And he is a mercy
    To those among you
    Who have certainty of faith.”
    As for those who annoy the Messenger of Allah,
    There is a painful punishment.
  62. They swear by Allah
    To humor you,
    But it is more just
    That they should please
    Allah and His Messenger
    If they have  certainty of faith.
  63. Do they not know that for one
    Who fights with Allah and His Messenger,
    There is indeed the fire of Hell,
    To dwell therein for ever,
    That is dishonor, supreme!
  64. The hypocrites are afraid
    Lest a Surah be revealed concerning them,
    Bringing out in the open what is in their hearts.
    Say: “You stay with your jesting.
    Allah will indeed reveal
    What you are afraid of.”
  65. And if you ask them,
    They will say: “We were
    Only jesting and playing.”
    Say: “Were you making fun of
    Allah and His Signs and His Messenger?”
  66. Do not offer excuses!
    You did indeed forsake belief for unbelief,
    If we forgive one group among you (because they repented),
    We shall punish another group because they are guilty.
  67. The hypocrites, male and female,
    Some are (helpers) of the others,
    They command what is evil,
    And they forbid what is good,
    And they are tight fisted (give no charity)
    They forgot Allah, so Allah has forgotten them,
    Indeed, the hypocrites are the ones
    Who have broken their covenant (with Allah).
  68. It is the promise of Allah,
    That the hypocrites, male and female,
    And the unbelievers,
    Shall be in Hell, to dwell therein forever.
    That is sufficient (punishment) for them,
    And Allah has condemned them;
    Lo! For them is an abiding punishment!
  69. As were the people of earlier times –
    Mightier than you in strength,
    Possessed greater wealth and progeny –
    They took (undue) advantage of their share (of wealth and strength),
    So you enjoy your share (of this world)
    As those before you enjoyed their share,
    And you keep yourself occupied with idle talk,
    As they occupied themselves (with idle talk).
    They wasted their deeds,
    In this world and in the hereafter,
    And it was they – they who were among the lost ones.
  70. Has not the news reached them
    Of the people before them –
    The people of Noah,
    And A’ad and Thamud,
    And the people of Abraham,
    And those who lived in Midian,
    And in the townships desolate?
    There came to them Messengers
    With clear Signs.
    So, it was not that Allah
    Was unjust to them,
    But it was they who inflicted injustice on their own souls.
  71. And the believers, male and female,
    Are protectors one of the other,
    They command what is good,
    And forbid what is evil,
    And establish prayer,
    And give the poor due,
    And obey Allah and His Messenger,
    Soon will the mercy of Allah be upon them,
    Indeed, Allah is the Mighty, the Wise.
  72. The promise of Allah
    For believing men and believing women
    Is for gardens beneath which flow streams (of Divine Grace);
    And dwellings with gardens to rest in.
    But the greatest (gift), the pleasure of Allah;
    That indeed is the triumph supreme!
  73. O Prophet! Struggle against the disbelievers
    And the hypocrites, and be firm with them.
    Lo! Their abode is not but Hell;
    What an awful place to return to!
  74. They swear by Allah they did not say it.
    But they did indeed take the oath of unbelief,
    And rejected belief after accepting Islam,
    And they desired what they did not get,
    And they did not give thanks
    That Allah showered on them His bounties,
    And so did His Messenger.
    Even so, if they repent, it is better for them;
    But if they turn away,
    Allah will punish them
    With a painful punishment
    In this world and in the hereafter,
    And there shall be no protector for them,
    And no helper.
  75. And among them are some
    Who promised Allah:
    “If He does indeed grant us of His bounties,
    We will indeed give charity,
    And be among the righteous ones.”
  76. Then, when We bestowed on them from Our bounties,
    They became tight fisted,
    And turned back (on their word)
    And they sought excuses.
  77. As a result, He placed discord in their hearts,
    Until the day they meet Him,
    For they broke their covenant with Allah,
    And they were liars.
  78. Do they not know
    That Allah knows what they conceal,
    And what they whisper?
    And that Allah is indeed
    The Knower of secrets within secrets!
  79. Allah has answered the mockery
    Of those who find fault with the believers
    When they give charity with pleasure,
    And who mock those who
    Do not find the means (to give charity)
    (But instead) offer their services.
    Lo! For them is a painful punishment!
  80. Whether you seek forgiveness for them,
    Or you do not seek forgiveness for them,
    If you ask forgiveness for them seventy times,
    Even then Allah will not forgive them.
    That is because they reject Allah and His Messenger,
    Indeed, Allah does not guide a people
    Who transgress beyond limits.
  81. Those that stayed behind
    Were happy that they stayed behind
    Against the (call of the) Prophet,
    And they were loathe to struggle
    With their wealth and their selves
    In the path of Allah;
    And they said: “Do not travel when it is hot.”.
    Say: “The heat of Hellfire is more intense,
    If only they understood.”
  82. So, let them laugh a little,
    But they will cry a lot,
    When they are paid back for what they do.
  83. So, if Allah brings you back (after a campaign)
    To a party among them,
    And they ask your permission to march forth (with you for the next campaign),
    Then, say: “Never shall you march forth with me anywhere,
    And never shall you fight with me against the enemy,
    Indeed, you preferred to stay behind in the first place,
    So, you stay behind with those who lag behind.”
  84. And do not ever pray on any of them
    When they die;
    And do not stand by their graves,
    Verily, they rejected Allah and His Messenger,
    And when they died,
    They (died as) transgressors.
  85. And let not their wealth and their children dazzle you,
    Verily, Allah but desires
    To punish them with these in this world
    And to extract their souls
    While they are disbelievers.
  86. And whenever a Surah is sent down
    To have certainty of faith in Allah,
    And to struggle alongside the Messenger,
    The affluent ones among them ask to be excused,
    And they say: “Allow us to stay behind with those
    Who sit back.”
  87. They are satisfied
    That they stay with the women who stay behind.
    Lo! There is a seal on their hearts,
    So they do not comprehend!
  88. But the Messenger
    And those who have  certainty of faith,
    Struggle alongside him
    With their wealth and their souls.
    Lo! It is for these that there are gifts of virtue,
    And it is these who attain felicity.
  89. Allah has prepared for them
    Gardens beneath which flow streams (of Divine Grace),
    Therein to dwell for ever,
    That is a triumph, supreme!
  90. There came (to you) some Bedouin,
    Seeking excuses,
    Asking for permission to leave
    (And not march forth for the campaign);
    While those who betrayed their word
    To Allah and His Messenger,
    Remained seated (and did not march forth),
    Soon shall a painful punishment
    Overtake the disbelievers among them!
  91. There is no (blame) on the old,
    Or the sick,
    Or those who cannot find anything to spend –
    While their goodwill is with Allah and His Messenger.
    There are no grounds (for blame) on the Allah-conscious,
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful.
  92. And no (blame) on those,
    When they asked you to provide them a mount,
    You said to them: “I cannot find any mount for you.”
    So they returned, their eyes wet with (tears of) sadness;
    That they could not afford what they desired to spend.
  93. Blame is only for those
    Who seek an excuse while they are affluent –
    They are content to be with the women who are left behind.
    Lo! Allah has put a seal on their hearts,
    So they do not understand.
  94. They will offer an excuse
    When you return to them.
    Say: “Offer no excuse. We have no faith in you.
    Allah has indeed provided us information about you.
    And now Allah will observe your deeds,
    And (so will) the Messenger.
    And you shall return
    To He who is the Knower of what is hidden
    And what is manifest.
    Then shall He unfold before you
    What you used to do.”
  95. Now, when you (O Messenger) return to them,
    They will swear before you by Allah to leave them alone,
    So, leave them alone.
    They are tainted,
    And their abode is Hell –
    A recompense for what they used to earn.
  96. They swear before you
    So that you are reconciled with them.
    But, even if you are reconciled with them,
    Allah is not pleased with a people
    Who break their covenants.
  97. The Bedouin are extreme in their disbelief,
    And in discord,
    And they are prone to ignorance about the limits
    That Allah has revealed to His Messenger.
    Lo! Allah is the Knower, the Wise!
  98. And among the Bedouin
    Are those who consider charity a burden,
    And they wait for an unpleasant fate to fall on you.
    (Nay) The unpleasant fate shall fall on them!
    Lo! Allah is the Hearer, the Knower!
  99. And among the Bedouin
    Are those who have certainty of faith
    In Allah and the Last Day,
    And consider what they set aside for charity
    As closeness to Allah,
    And (a means of) blessings from the Messenger;
    Yes indeed! Close is (their reward) for them!
    Soon shall they enter the Grace of Allah.
    Lo! Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful!
  100. Those who took the lead (in accepting surrender to Allah)
    From among the Muhajirs (refugees),
    And the Ansar (residents),
    And those who followed them in excellence,
    Allah is pleased with them and they with Him.
    Lo! Allah has prepared for them
    Gardens beneath which flow streams (of Divine Grace),
    Therein to dwell forever,
    That is a triumph, supreme!
  101. And some of the Bedouin around you are hypocrites,
    And some among the people of Madina
    Are given to hypocrisy,
    You do not know them,
    We know them,
    Soon shall We subject them to two-fold punishment,
    Then, shall they be returned to a most severe punishment.
  102. And there are others who accepted their wrongs,
    And interpersed virtuous deeds with some sins,
    Close is Allah to forgiving them;
    Indeed, Allah is the Forgiver, the Merciful!
  103. Accept charity from their wealth,
    So that you cleanse them and purify them with it,
    And pray for them;
    Indeed, your prayers will bring them tranquility.
    Lo! Allah is the Hearer, the Knower!
  104. Do they not know
    That Allah is He who accepts the repentance of His servants,
    And approves of their charity?
    And Allah is He who is
    The Acceptor of Repentance, the Merciful.
  105. And say: “Act (righteously)!”
    Then, Allah will witness your actions,
    And (so will) His Messenger, and the believers.
    And soon shall you be brought back
    To the Knower of what is concealed and what is manifest,
    Then, He will reveal to you what you used to do.
  106. And there are others
    Who await the decree of Allah
    To (see) whether they are punished or forgiven.
    Lo! Allah is the Knower, the Wise!
  107. And there are those who build a masjid
    To cause mischief, to spread disbelief,
    And sow dissension among the believers,
    And to provide a place for meeting and scheming
    For those who have waged war on Allah and His Messenger,
    And they will surely swear: “Our intent is good.”
    Lo! Allah is witness that they are indeed liars!
  108. Do not stand in it (in such a masjid) ever!
    The masjid whose foundation
    Is based upon piety from the first day
    Is more worthy of your standing (in prayer).
    In it there are people who love to remain purified.
    Lo! Allah loves those who purify themselves!
  109. So, is one who builds his edifice
    On a foundation of Allah-consciousness and His pleasure better,
    Or one who builds his edifice
    At the edge of an unstable precipice
    So that it falls with him into Hellfire?
    Lo! Allah does not guide a people
    Who transgress!
  110. The edifice thus founded
    Will not cease to be a source of doubt in their hearts
    Until it shatters their hearts into pieces.
    Lo! Allah is the Knower, the Wise!
  111. Behold! Allah has accepted
    The souls of the believers, and their wealth
    In return for a place in Heaven for them.
    They fight in the path of Allah,
    So they slay and are slain.
    His promise is binding on Him
    (As were the promises made) in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an.
    And who can fulfill his own promise better than Allah?
    So, celebrate your bargains and what you have bargained for.
    Lo! That is a triumph, supreme!
  112. Those who repent,
    And worship (and serve),
    Who praise (Allah),
    And journey (in His path),
    Who bow down,
    Who prostrate,
    Who command what is good,
    And forbid what is forbidden,
    And guard the limits prescribed by Allah,
    And those who have  certainty of faith,
    (To such as these) give the glad tidings (of the pleasure of Allah).
  113. It is not for the Prophet,
    And those who have certainty of faith,
    To seek forgiveness for the pagans,
    Even if they be next of kin,
    After it is made clear to them
    That they are denizens of Hellfire.
  114. And Abraham was not inclined to
    Ask for forgiveness for his father,
    Except that he had made a promise to him,
    Then, when it was obvious that he was
    An enemy of Allah, he denounced him.
    Indeed, Abraham was remorseful and forbearing.
  115. And Allah does not lead a people astray
    After He has guided them,
    Until He has made clear to them
    What they should be careful to guard against.
    Lo! Allah is the Knower of all things!
  116. Indeed, Allah is He,
    To whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth,
    (And) life and death,
    And for you there is no protector besides Allah,
    And no helper.
  117. Behold! Allah turned His attention to the Prophet
    And the muhajirs (refugees),
    And the ansar (residents),
    Who obeyed Him at times of stress,
    When it appeared that the hearts
    Of some among them would turn away.
    (At such stressful times) He turned to them again –
    He was indeed Most Kind, Most Merciful to them.
  118. As for the three that were left behind,
    Until the earth shrank for them in spite of its expanse,
    And their souls were compressed,
    And they realized that there is no refuge from Allah
    Except in Him,
    Then He turned to them so that they might repent;
    Indeed, Allah is Most Forgiving, Most Merciful!
  119. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Be conscious of Allah,
    And be with the truthful.
  120. It was not (appropriate) for the people of Madina
    And the Bedouins around it,
    That they should abandon the Messenger of Allah,
    And prefer their own lives to his.
    That because whatever they suffered in the path of Allah,
    Whether it was thirst, or tiredness or hunger –
    Or took steps that incurred the wrath of disbelievers,
    Or received injury from the enemy,
    It was but recorded as a righteous deed for them.
    Lo! Allah does not overlook
    The reward for those who excel!
  121. And they do not spend in charity
    Any amount, small or large,
    And they do not pass through a valley,
    Except that it is recorded for them
    So that Allah may give them a beautiful recompense
    For what they were doing.
  122. It is not that all the believers must march forth together.
    When a party from a contingent does not march forth,
    They can study deen (the moral code of surrender to Allah),
    And when they return to their people,
    Warn them to beware (of what is forbidden).
  123. O you who have certainty of faith!
    Fight off the disbelievers who have surrounded you,
    And let them find firmness in you,
    And know that Allah is with those
    Who are conscious of Him.
  124. And when a Surah is revealed,
    Some among them say:
    “(Is there anyone) whose belief was increased because of it?”
    Yes! It has increased the belief of those
    Who have faith,
    And they rejoice.
  125. And those in whose hearts is a disease,
    Their stain (of sin) is accumulated over (other) stain (of sin),
    And when they die, they (die as) disbelievers.
  126. Do they not see
    That they are tested every year, once or twice,
    Even so they do not repent
    And they do not remember.
  127. And when a Surah is revealed,
    They turn to each other, (and they say):
    “Does it influence any of you?”
    Then they turn away.
    Allah has turned away their hearts
    Because they are a people without understanding.
  128. Behold! There has come to you a Messenger,
    From among yourselves,
    Heavy upon him is how you suffer
    (because of your wrongful deeds),
    He is desirous of the utmost (felicity) for you,
    For those with faith he is most kind, most merciful.
  129. So if they turn away,
    Then say: “Sufficient is Allah for me.
    There is none worthy of worship but He.
    I place my trust in Him,
    And He is the Lord of the Heavenly Throne, Most High.”