Surah 92. Surah al Lail

Surah 92. Surah al Lail (The Night)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. By the night as it conceals,
  2. By the day as it illuminates,
  3. By that which is created as male and female,
  4. Indeed your struggles are diverse,
  5. So, for one who served and was conscious of Divine presence,
  6. And confirmed the Truth,
  7. For such a one, We shall soon facilitate the path of ease,
  8. But for one who held back,
    And considered himself autonomous (self sufficient),
  9. And denied the Truth,
  10. For such a one, We shall soon facilitate the path of difficulty.
  11. And of no use shall be his wealth when he falls,
  12. Verily, it is for Us to guide,
  13. And verily, Ours is the beginning and the end.
  14. So, I warn you of a blazing Fire,
  15. None shall enter it except the most unfortunate,
  16. The one who denied (the Truth) and turned away,
  17. But the one who is conscious of Divine presence shall be rescued,
  18. The one who gives of his wealth to purify it,
  19. And no favor does he expect in return for his charity,
  20. But for the honor of the presence of His Rabb, Most High,
  21. And verily, soon shall he be pleased!