Islamic Heritage in South Asia

  1. Tipu Sultan – His connection to the American National Anthem
  2. Tipu Sultan – Development of Army Logistics, Agriculture & Environmental Protection
  3. Two kings from South Asia who inspired America’s founding fathers, revolutionaries & early US Congress
  4. Tipu Sultan’s foreign diplomacy through the letters of Thomas Jefferson
  5. Tipu Sultan’s punishment for sedition misconstrued as religious intolerance
  6. How Tipu Sultan defeated the British at the Battle of Pollilur in 1780
  7. Sringeri temple attach and genocide of Karnataka’s Hindus by the Maratha Empire (1791)
  1. Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
  2. Auranzeb
  3. Razia Sultana
  4. Spiritual Impressions of the Hajj- July 2017