Surah 1. Surah Al Fateha

Surah 1. Surah Al Fateha (The Opener- of hearts)

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful,
  2. Praise1 be to Allah, the Rabb2 of all the Universes3,
  3. The Compassionate4, the Merciful5,
  4. Sovereign of the Day of Judgment6.
  5. You alone do we worship7 (serve) and You alone do we ask for help;
  6. Guide us to the Straight Path8,
  7. The path of those upon whom you bestowed Your Grace,
    Not those who incurred Your wrath9,
    And who went astray10.

    1. Praise, in the English language,  is a general term whereas the Quranic term Al Hamd is specific and is reserved only for the praise of Allah. There is no corresponding word in the English language.
    2. Rabb is a comprehensive term that means Creator, Sustainer and Cherisher.
    3. The Quranic word Alameen is usually translated as “the worlds”…..physical, emotional, psychological. However, there are  worlds besides our own in the 2 billion galaxies that we know of.  There are other universes and other life forms as well.  The Qur’an specifically mentions jinns. Hence, “Universes” is a more appropriate translation for “Alameen”.
    4. The Arabic term Al Rahman is the most intensive form of compassion. Allah is the Source of Compassion, Mercy and Love.
    5. Al Raheem means the Disposer of Mercy, translated here succinctly as The Merciful.
    6. Deen is a powerful term that means Command, Judgment, Way to Live, Moral Code, Faith. In this context it is translated as Judgment.
    7. The Qur’anic word ‘Abd connotes both worship and service.
    8. The Straight Path, Siratul Mustaqeem is the path established by Divine Commandments.
    9. Many a civilization throughout history has been obliterated for violating Divine Laws. The example of the people of Noah, who were drowned for their transgressions, is offered time and again in the Qur’an.
    10. The disbelievers are caught up in never ending arguments of before and after, cause and effect, axiom and deduction, and are lost in circles of disbelief.