Surah 15. Surah al Hijr

Surah 15. Surah al Hijr

Bismillah ir Rahman ir Raheem
In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

  1. Alif  Lam  Raa
    These are Signs of the Book,
    And a Quran illuminated.
  2. Sometimes, those who reject the truth
    Wish they had surrendered themselves to Allah,
  3. Leave them clinging to their eating and their revelry,
    And let their desires keep them in a stupor,
    But soon shall they know.
  4. And We did not destroy a people
    Unless they knew a Book (and rejected it).
  5. No community hastens its doom,
    Nor does it slow it down.
  6. And they say: “O you to whom is revealed the Admonition,
    You are indeed a madman;
  7. Why do you not bring the angels to us,
    If you are truthful?
  8. We do not send down the angels except with the Truth;
    Then, they will not be among those who are granted respite.
  9. Indeed, We have sent down this Admonition,
    And indeed, of it, We are the guardian.
  10. And of a certainty, We sent down
    (Messengers) to earlier groups (communities) before you.
  11. And there did not come a Messenger to them
    Except that they ridiculed him.
  12. That is how we molded the hearts of the disbelievers.
  13. They will not believe in it (the Quran),
    And indeed (this is how) the old ways have taken hold.
  14. And if We opened for them the gates to the heavens,
    And if they were climbing up towards them,
  15. They will say: “Verily, our eyes are not but fixated,
    Or else, we are a people bewitched.”
  16. And behold! We built patterns in the heavens,
    And decorated them (with lights),
    For those who have sight.
  17. And We have guarded them,
    From every Satan (destructive force) accursed.
  18. Except one who sneaks up to eavesdrop (gets too close),
    Then, a brilliant flaming fire pursues him (and is destroyed).
  19. And We have spread out the earth,
    And established mountains therein,
    And have grown in it everything in appropriate measure.
  20. And provided therein livelihood for you,
    And for those for whom you are not the providers.
  21. And there is nothing, of which We do not possess the source,
    And We send it down in due measure.
  22. And We send down winds laden (with rain),
    And bring down the rain from the heavens,
    Then We quench your thirst with it,
    And you are not the disposers of its sources.
  23. And indeed, it is We, who give life and death,
    And We are the inheritors (of what stays after death).
  24. And verily, We know who among you (will depart) first,
    And verily, We know who are the last ones (to depart).
  25. And indeed, your Rabb is He who will gather them all together;
    Indeed, He is the Wise, the Knower.
  26. And indeed We created man from a dark, mucous, animated clay,
  27. And We created the Jinns before that
    Out of energy without smoke.
  28. And when your Rabb said to the angels:
    “Indeed, I am the Creator of the human
    (Molded) from a dark, mucous, animated clay.
  29. When I have shaped him in due proportion,
    And breathed into him of My Spirit,
    Then, fall down and prostrate before him.”
  30. Then the angels prostrated
    All of them, together.
  31. Except Iblis; he refused to be among those who prostrated.
  32. Said (the Rabb): “O Iblis: What is it with you
    That you are not with those who prostrate?”
  33. Said (the Iblis): “I am not one to prostrate
    Before a human whom you have created
    From a dark, mucous, animated clay.”
  34. Said (the Rabb): “In that case, get out of here!
    For you are indeed the accursed one.
  35. And indeed, upon you shall be a curse until the Day of Judgment.”
  36. He said: “O my Rabb!
    Grant me respite
    Until the Day they are raised up (from the dead).”
  37. Said (the Rabb): “Then, you shall indeed be of those
    Who are granted respite,
  38. Until the Day whose Time is known (only to Me).”
  39. Said (the Iblis): “O my Rabb! Just as you have waylaid me,
    I shall make the (life on) earth attractive to them,
    And I shall certainty waylay them all,
  40. Except your servants among them
    Who are sincere.”
  41. Said (the Rabb): “This is the established path towards Me.
  42. Indeed, you have no authority over My servants,
    Except the corrupted ones who follow you.
  43. And indeed, the promised destination for all of them is Hell.
  44. It has seven doors;
    Each one of these doors has a portion apportioned for them.”
  45. Verily, those who are conscious of Allah
    Shall be in gardens with fountains (of bliss);
  46. (And shall be told:) “Enter therein
    With peace and security.”
  47. And We shall remove from their breasts any enmity;
    They will face each other on thrones as brothers.
  48. No difficulty shall touch them therein,
    Nor shall they be expelled from it.
  49. Give the tidings to My servants:
    That I am indeed Most Forgiving, Most Merciful!
  50. And verily, My punishment is a most painful punishment!
  51. And tell them about the (angelic) guests of Abraham.
  52. When they presented themselves to him,
    They said: “Peace be with you!”
    He said: “Indeed, we are afraid of you.”
  53. They said: “Do not be afraid!
    Verily, we have brought you the glad tidings
    Of a son endowed with knowledge.”
  54. He said: “Do you give me the good news
    When I am of advanced age?
    So, what good news are you giving me?”
  55. They said: “We bring you the glad tidings in Truth;
    Therefore, be not among those who are despondent.”
  56. He said: “Who can despair of the mercy of his Rabb,
    Except those who have gone astray?”
  57. He said: “So, what is your mission, O you Messengers?”
  58. They said: “Indeed, we have been sent to a people who are wrong doers,
  59. Except for the family of Lot.
    All of whom we will save,
  60. Except his wife who we have determined
    Will indeed stay behind.”
  61. So, when the Messengers came to the family of Lot,
  62. He said: “You are indeed people who are strangers to me.”
  63. They said: “But we have come to you
    Because of what they question.
  64. And we come to you in Truth,
    And we are indeed truthful.
  65. So, leave with your family
    During a portion of the night,
    And you follow them,
    And none of you look back,
    And keep walking as you are commanded.”
  66. And We alerted him of Our decree regarding that matter
    That by the morning they would be annihilated.
  67. And the people of the city came, elated.
  68. He said: “Indeed, these are my guests,
    Therefore, do not dishonor me.
  69. And fear Allah, and do not disgrace me.”
  70. They said: “Did we not warn you
    Not to be (a protector ) of  everyone?”
  71. He said: “These are my daughters (available for marriage),
    If you are inclined to carry out  (your intentions).”
  72. By your life!
    They were indeed intoxicated in their stupor.
  73. So, a mighty blast overtook them by the dawn.
  74. And We brought down what was high,
    And We showered upon them,
    Rocks of hard clay.
  75. Indeed, in that are Signs,
    For those who are insightful.
  76. And indeed, it is on an established road.
  77. Verily, in that are Signs
    For those who have certainty of faith.
  78. And lo! The people of Aykah were indeed transgressors.
  79. So, we took Our retribution from them;
    And they are both on a road that is there to see.
  80. And behold! They gave the lie
    To the Messengers,
    Who came for the people of Hijr.
  81. And We granted them Our Signs,
    But they excused themselves from them.
  82. And they carved their homes
    From the rocks, for safety.
  83. Then, a mighty blast overtook them by the dawn.
  84. And what they had made was of no benefit to them.
  85. Lo! We created not the heavens and the earth,
    And what is in between them,
    Except in Truth (and Justice);
    And indeed, the Moment will arrive!
    Therefore, forgive—
    A sincere forgiveness.
  86. Indeed, your Rabb is
    The Creator (of all the worlds), the Knower.
  87. And We have sent upon you,
    Seven (Ayats) from what is recited again and again,
    (Surah al Fateha)
    And the Qur’an, most High.
  88. Do not look in the direction of
    The wealth that We have given some of their associates,
    And do not feel sorry for them,
    And lower your arms (in compassion and mercy) to those
    Who have certainty of faith.
  89. And say: “I am indeed a manifest Warner.”
  90. As We sent down (the Books before you)
    Upon those who divided (them);
  91. (And) those who broke up the Qur’an into pieces.
  92. Therefore, by your Rabb!
    We shall question them all together,
  93. About what they used to do.
  94. So declare openly
    What you have been commanded,
    And excuse yourself
    From those who associate partners with Allah.
  95. We are indeed sufficient for you
    Against those who ridicule—
  96. Those who have taken other deities besides Allah—
    Therefore, soon shall they know!
  97. And verily We know
    That your breast shrinks from what they say.
  98. So, glorify and praise your Rabb,
    And be among those who prostrate (before Him).
  99. And worship your Rabb until you attain certainty.